just heat

and Eat


Cut pouch, empty contents into a frying pan, and heat up to 3 minutes on low flame while stirring. Serve hot.


Cut pouch, empty contents into a microwave dish, and heat on HIGH (900 W) for 45 seconds and serve hot.


Immerse the foil pouch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Cut open and serve hot.

food for thought

FOOD FOR Thought

Nawabi Kaju Halwa is a rich and delicious dessert that is prepared during festivals like Navrathri. This halwa is prepared with grated cashews dry-roasted in pure ghee and khoya, cooked in milk, and mixed with the choicest almonds. With its rich flavour and melt-in-your- mouth texture, Kitchens of India Nawabi Kaju Halwa is the perfect decadent dessert for any occasion.

Retort Process


Our signature creations pass through stringent quality checks to
bring you safe and high-quality meals you can trust.

Packaged using retort process technology developed by Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL)
Sterilized by heating under high temperature and pressure
Packaged in a 4 layer pouch that keeps food safe from environmental contaminants

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