Rich Creamy Tomato Cooking Sauce
Punjabi Tikka Masala
Just add succulent pieces of chicken or fresh cottage cheese, to re-experience an Indian classic.
Cilantro & Tomato Cooking Sauce
Bombay Kadai
A selection of the choicest tomatoes, ground with cilantro and fragrant spices in a kadai (Indian Wok), giving you a savory Indian sauce with plenty of zest...
Rich Cashew & Cumin Cooking Sauce
Hyderabadi Korma
Just add your choice of chicken or vegetables to savor the taste the Nawabs of Hyderabad.
Spicy Tomato & Ginger Cooking Sauce
Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Just add your choice of meat to sample a taste of heaven.
Onion & Yogurt Cooking Sauce
Delhi Dam Aloo
Just add baby potatoes to relish a North Indian vegetarian classic, that's a favorite of the nation's capital.
Tried some of your products, and I must say they are very authentic, delicious and healthy with nothing but natural ingredients. So far my favourite is your black lentil curry package.

Mr. Mike
100% Natural 
No Preservatives
ITC Assurance of Quality