Hyd Vegetable Biriyani
Savor the vegetable pilaf delicately flavored with select spices, from the city of Hyderabad.
Kashmiri Vegetable Biryani
A vegetable pilaf cooked with select dry fruits and a dash of saffron that will surely leave you wanting more.
I am very pleased with your product. It has taken me FOREVER to find a ready to eat Indian meal that ACTUALLY tastes like it was made in India. I am now your customer for LIFE!! Great job on a fabulous product! I wanted to get more information on the Colors of Indian music. I dont see how much the CD's cost. In a small area at the end of the webpage it does say if we purchase a box of your Heat and eat product, we get a CD.. free??... at a discount...? Not clear on what to do. I do have the box and if I can get a CD that would be great. I have heard your signature music and it's wonderful. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Julie Upadhyaya-Moore
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No Preservatives
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