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ITC Assurance of Quality

ITC is one of India`s premier companies with presence across various industries like Hotels, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Lifestyle, Retail and Agriculture. And testament to its robust presence is the ITC mark of quality.

ITC`s quality philosophy is centered on delivering value to our customers, but this process begins much before the final product is ready. Our stringent quality processes begin from the procurement of quality raw materials at the source and quality mapping across various stages of the value chain. The state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the best `Quality Control` facilities is a reflection of our emphasis on the hygiene and quality control. Adhering only to the strictest of national and international quality norms such as ASTA, AOAC and BIS,   the ITC logo has in its own way become a mark of assurance across the globe.

At Kitchens of India the unstinting aim is to bring to the discerning consumer an authentic Indian delicacy that is as safe as it is delicious. Precisely the reason why strategic investments have been made in putting together best-in-class production and research facilities.

The production facility have equipment from industry giants like Barriquand (France), Thimmonier (France), Heat and Control (USA) and FMC (USA); enabling Kitchens of India recipes to come alive in their truest forms. The factory is HACCP Certified; signifying systems and processes conforming to the highest standards of food safety.
All of this is to standby our promise of safety for the whole family, and to delight you with authentic Indian cuisine on every purchase.
100% Natural
ITC Assurance of Quality