Since I first picked up a package of Kitchens of India curry paste, I have not purchased or ate another curry. It’s been over 4 years. Kitchens of India is simply the best curry in every way. It’s magic curry. It’s everything you need—oil, spices, etc.—in one inexpensive package. It’s like 80% cheaper than flavourless jars of other curry sauce. All you do is cook whatever meats or veg you want, dump in the paste and add water and reduce to the consistency you want. The result is the best curry you’ve ever had. Try it with chicken and add some thinly sliced cucumber, red onion, and some chopped lettuce. I should be getting royalties for how many people I’ve converted to Kitchens of India (and how many they then go on to convert). But I don’t need royalties because the knowledge that others will know this secret treasure is sustenance enough. That, and curry sustenance, of course.

Mr. Nick Conrad - Edmonton
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